GDP Inspiration Ep.1

This is a series about what inspires me, currently I’m working on rebranding “Robinsons Shoemakers”, so I was looking into what I think good branding is, in my opinion.

P.s: GDP stands for Graphic design in Print.

Samurai bottle – Loved this idea, very stylish, luxurious looking bottle, gets the point across instantly.


Anti-smoke pack –  Clever way of packaging, for years the designs on cigarette packs are lame, there’s no creativity, it’s just huge red type saying “this will kill”, this gets the point across perfectly and is epic actually, this is more effective than large red type.


La Bohème – Quite decorative and it suits the vibe of the branding. It’s definitely got the french factor, you can feel that essence visually.


ChocoToy – Extremely colourful, their images have that smooth vector look, which is gorgeous, but that’s not what I’m interested in, what they’ve absolutely nailed is the decorative elements surrounding or working in conjunction with type, I will be trying to achieve a similar effect with the “Robinson’s Shoemakers” brief.


Doctor Entertainment – Elegant identity design, so simplistic but effective, a style I’m very fond of, perfect balance of simplicity and design.


Thanks for reading, just to finish it off here’s a link to some general graphic design that inspired me, good mixture of great type with great design, enjoy.


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