First 6 weeks – Final Notes

Here’s just some basic points to some up the past 6 weeks.

Design Issue Notes

Started off doing “Apple Patents” topic, tried to make it work, but in the late stages I realised it was going nowhere, it was soon to be turning out to be a generic poster.

Final piece very much based on my own Birth certificate, which would be the same birth certificate as the subject because we were born in the same year.

Legit information used, 100% from Facebook, no trickery.

9×9 Square Notes

7 out of 9 original photos sourced by me from Flickr were used by other classmates.

Final Piece – Artists(From top left to bottom right) – LongitudeLatitude – atmtx – Christine und David Schmitt – Carl Zeiss Microscopy – Administrodor Galeria Uninter – Flora。T – Museo Soumaya by Raban Haaijc – PictoScribe – Nature of Sidney by AlbeJTD – Museo Soumaya by Raban Haaijc.

Font used in final piece was – “Futura STD, Bold”

I used super high resolution photos in my original 9×9, because I wanted to use fine details and not just use entire photos without editing the size and composition.


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